All About Our Dance Studio

Learn to Move with Style and Grace

Bravo Academy of Dance is pretty simple to define:  Our mission is to enrich all of our dancers' lives by learning to love dance and grow confidently to take what ever path they choose in life. Our motto:  "To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak" is a Hopi saying that sums up why the team at Bravo is so passionate about the impact dance can have throughout a lifetime. From its inception, Bravo has focused its model to be unique in the community.  The quality of instruction and the learning of proper technique at all levels is our number one priority.  Our seasoned staff are expert dancers as well as expert teachers.  They understand that students can learn to perform, but believe that technique is just as important. The model is also for the studio to be a place for all students, not just those that can dance at a certain level.  In this environment, individual attention gently leads each student to progress and not feel the pressure to master. Bravo is growing and intends to be a part of this special community well into the future.  We also take very seriously our obligation as a corporate citizen to give back to the community.  We perform at and sponsor several important causes throughout Chatham County.  We also take delight in dancing at special events such as the Southpoint Season Festival and as parade dancers marching through University Mall. We also participate in several local competitions, but winning trophies is not our goal--it is to provide dancers with the fun, challenge and discipline of dancing in a competition. We invite all those interested to take a trial class or even two, because it can often take time to get to the right genre and to the right level. We thank all our existing families and can't wait to welcome new ones!